A No-Fail New Year’s Resolution – Klutch Club

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

If you are like me, you ditched the idea of having a new year’s resolution years ago. I was tired of setting myself up to fail. Twelve months is a long time to complete a goal. I usually barely made it to the second month. Like most people, exercising more is one of the top five new year’s resolutions, with loosing weight the number one goal.

Only 8% succeed in reaching their goals, with the baby boomer and older generation group having the lowest success rate. This is pretty dismal. Sure, there are a lot of reasons for this. Mine was that I just got busy and the “resolution”was no longer a priority. Plus, it was easy for me to become discouraged and then I simply forgot about my resolution as the year went on.

As you know, I love of-the-month clubs and Klutch Club is perfect for helping with a new year’s resolution to get healthy. Their goal is to create a healthier society by not only supporting ten non-profit organizations with the same goal, but also to help educate people on leading a healthy lifestyle. For those of us who cannot afford the time to do research on the latest and greatest in health products and trends, they will do it for you.

I don’t know about you, but I get bored doing the same exercise regime, over and over again, and love the idea that every month I would get a new fitness program to try out. Each month has a new theme (Can you guess what January’s might be?). Both the men’s and the women’s box will contain at least $50.00 worth of products and services. Each will include tasty snacks, workout dvd or guideline, supplements, beverages, apparel products or gift cards. With a year’s subscription, the box will cost as little as $8.00 per month. Seems pretty easy to keep this new year’s resolution after all. Even if you did not make one, it is still a good way to start the new year. Go to Klutch Club to sign up today.

Happy New Year!


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