The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Would you choose to put lead in your lipstick? Not a single one of us would, I’m sure. My favorite consumer advocate, Annie Leonard (we mentioned her Story of Stuff …


A Simple Secret to Feeling Great

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor- Midlife Wisdom In the fifth month of my midlife crisis, I went on a retreat to a health spa – alone – to get motivated to …


Happy Father's Day

A tribute by comedian Louis C.K. Humorous, wise & inspiring. Thanks Louis! Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful dads!


Food for Thought: Forks Over Knives, The Movie

We don’t mean to be stepping on our soapbox every time we praise the merits of eating healthy (Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution or Eric Schlosser’s …


Create a Vision Board - for Clarity at Midlife or Anytime

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor- Midlife Wisdom I’m having a midlife crisis, and one frustration is that I know I want something different, something more – but I’m not entirely sure …


The Easiest Way to Pay Tribute to Earth Day: Reusable Water Bottles

It seems that we have a thing for water… I know that we’re sounding like a broken record, with all our water talk  (Tapped the Movie, causes and editorial reviews), …