Clever Find: It’s Superhydrophobic. It’s NeverWet!

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Superhydrophobic*. That’s the qualifier for NeverWet, the new liquid repeller treatment by Rust-oleum. It repels all sorts of liquids like water, ice, mud, oils and dirt. When the liquids come in contact with the treated surface, they bead up, don’t stick and are pushed away. Until earlier this year, the product was only available for industrial purposes. Now, it’s available to consumers. And once you see what it does, I’m sure you will be dreaming all sorts of uses for it. 

NeverWet is really the first consumer product of its kind. The liquid repellent treatment consists of a two-step coating spray. Watch this video and be amazed. It’s the stuff of science fiction, now made available to us:

The toilet brush is a great example of how to use this product for “self-cleaning” but NeverWet can also be used to protect objects from moisture-causing damage (I’m thinking of things like indoor ornaments or even furniture that I might want to display outside), anti-corrosion (protect objects from rust, especially handy if you live by the coast).

NeverWet can be used on wood, metal, concrete, plastic, aluminum and canvas.  The reviews I read (this one in particular) indicate that the dried spray finish leaves a cloudy, not-so-smooth finish that is more noticeable on dark surfaces. That element seems to be what drives the review ratings down. Still, I’m definitely trying this on an old pair of winter boots for slushing around after a snow fall. Would be great on a painting tray and camping gear too.

At the moment, you can buy NeverWet at HomeDepot and Amazon.

Let me know what creative uses you come up with!


FYI: Hydrophobic means “water resistant”. Superhydrophobic means that the water is pushed away

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  1. Suzanne Kovacs says:

    How expensive is this product? I would do all my coats, my car, my purses, etc.

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