Coconut Charcoal for Environmentally-Friendly Grilling

Grilling season is upon us. I just know that you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the fuel imbued charcoal briquettes. You probably also prefer that your food taste like food and not like gas? Well, you will want to know that coconut charcoal is the new cleaner alternative.

Indeed. Coconut Charcoal is made from the inner hard shell of a coconut.  When carbonized coconut shell is burned as charcoal, it achieves high heat and maintains that temperature for up to two and a half hours. The condensed fiber of coconut shells creates hotter, longer and cleaner burning charcoal with minimal ashes. There is no sulfur (sulfur dioxide emissions contribute to acid rain) or dust content.

Need more convincing? Coconut shells are a sustainable source. No trees are cut down or coals dug out to make this fuel.  It is 100% all natural coconut shell that is considered a biomass fuel. No fillers or petroleum products are added so it will not emit harmful chemicals or change the taste of food.

Of course, to be consistent, it’s best to use a non-petroleum starter such as the aFirepuck Starter. Both products are sold through or dierectly from the aFire website.

All around outdoor grilling eco perfection.

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