Favorite – Concert-in-the-Park Picnics

The Succulent Wives are taking a little (very little) time off this summer. While we are still actively working on bringing you new content and ideas every week, we have also decided to bring back some of our favorite posts from the archives, those that are still timely, relevant, useful and that deserve to be revisited. Thanks for allowing us to recharge. We promise that we will be coming back with more new ideas and recommendations for cool stuff  than you’ll know what to do with…

We published this article last summer and  feel that it merits the attention of anyone looking to gear up on picnic equipment, especially for the just launched concert-in-the-park season.

We all know that the lawn displays in such environments can be quite competitive. So, take a look here and we’re quite certain that, equipped with some of these picnic accessories, you will be channeling the Jones that everyone needs to keep up with. Not that this would ever be your goal. We didn’t mention the candelabra in our list, but please feel free add one on your picnic table.

So here then are our recommendations for a very stylish concert-in-the-park picnic.

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