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By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Why is it taking soooooo long for us to see a change in this. I wrote about this 2 ½ years ago and there has been a little progress but still far from enough… The distorted “ideal” body that the marketing machine is feeding down our throats affects all age groups. As a result, poor body image is a problem that plagues many young women. That’s just another complicated issue to deal with when you’re a teenager. But, it’s not just the young ones. I can tell you that, as a 49 year old, there is not a day that I haven’t thought about my weight, about the fact that my thighs and waist should be smaller. Not a single day day. And I know that it’s not just me. My peers are equally malcontent with their bodies. Beautiful, well-functioning, healthy bodies that happen to have curves not endorsed by Vogue Magazine. We are spending our energy in the wrong places.

We saw young Julia Bluhm create a successful petition campaign to demand that Seventeen Magazine show unretouched, unmanipulated photos of the girls on its pages. And we are seeing fashion brands incorporating more realistic body types and a variety of ages in their advertising campaigns. But it’s a slow, peddling through molasses slow, process.

Let’s team up, make some noise and for the good of all of us, Let’s End Fat Talk. START HERE.



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