“Groupon” for Non-Profits

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

We all have heard of sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and the myriad of similar deal-of-the-day shopping sites, but have you heard of Philanthroper? Instead of selling you a deal, they share with you a new non-profit organization everyday. If you like the “deal”, simply donate $1.00. That’s right and you can, in fact, only donate $1.00. Their feeling is that if you only spend $1.00 today you will come back tomorrow and do the same for another non-profit organization. Philanthroper takes no percentage of the sales (that is why you see advertisement space on their site), leaving your whole dollar to go directly to the organization. Plus, they pay the featured organizations within a week.

Philanthroper is always looking for non profit organizations to feature. If you know of an exceptional group that is doing good, especially one that is new and growing, then email them here tips@nullphilanthroper.com. When they identify a group that interests them, they look at the individual business practices by checking the tax forms before contacting them to be featured on their site. Although this is a new site, here are some of the non profit organizations that they have already raised money for: FAIR Fund, Paint Your Heart Out, and See TURTLES.

To see the featured daily non profit organizations sign up here or “like” them on Facebook.

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2 Responses to “Groupon” for Non-Profits

  1. audrey says:

    A message from Philanthroper:

    After a few weeks of downtime, we’ve relaunched Philanthroper with PayPal at its core, allowing everyone everywhere to donate $1 via bank account or credit card.

    Once you link your PayPal account with Philanthroper (an option coming later this week), you will be able to make $1 donations to a new nonprofit every day with the push of a button.

    Note that PayPal’s new fee to move donations will be 10%, but that includes all types of payment options. The best thing you can do to get that rate down is to continue giving and spreading the word about Philanthroper! (Also, if we can continue to find donation matchers just once every two weeks, we essentially nullify this rate.)

    So what about your old mPayy account? Consider it retired. Last we heard from mPayy, they have decided to completely withdraw from the consumer payments market while seeking other business opportunities.

    One other piece of news to those still reading: we have a new feature called a Stats page. You see, we’ve been keeping tabs on all user activity since we launched in late January so that you could have a record of how often you’ve given and to what types of causes. We think it’s like Nike+ or Runkeeper for doing good, with a lot of fun features yet to come. We hope you enjoy sharing your pages with one another, but keep in mind, if you’d like that information to stay private, we offer the option to hide your stats from public view (and we will continue to do so).

    Thank-you so much for being a part of Philanthroper. More than ever, we’re excited to get back to work. There’s a whole lot of good we can do together.

    But…now that all of that is said and done, we’re going to have to ask you for $1.

    Mark Wilson
    Founder, Philanthroper.com

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Thank you Mark. From the feedback I have been receiving, I know that this will make all the difference. Go Paypal! Go Philanthroper!

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