Images d’Orient

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

I have always been attracted to the aesthetics and ornamentation of the various cultures around the world. The more ancient and the more “exotic” it is, the more it speaks to me. Which is why I was found gaping, high in visual nirvana, when I came upon the Images d’Orient collection.

Peggy Raphaël Dabar is the designer behind this collection of tabletop gems. She is from Lebanon and studied design in the United States. You can see the homage paid to her Mediterranean heritage in the various collections at Image D’Orient, the company she and her brother founded twelve years ago. The everyday functional objects – coasters, trivets, placemats, etc… – celebrate the motifs of antique ornamentation while rendering them in an undeniably contemporary and fun manner. Brilliant color combinations paired with the choice material of silicone (used in a relief manner) bring the intricate designs down to an approachable, usable and highly endearing scale.

Each collection has a specific inspiration. There is Henna, Sejjadeh, Moucharabieh, Nasssij among others. Each collection is associated with its own story. For example, the Sejjadeh collection is inspired by historical homes, where the floors were covered with ceramic tiles of different colors, arabesques and graphics. Juxtaposed, these tiles created a gigantic picture, thus their nickname “Sejjadeh” or carpet.

You can read more about the inspiration behind each collection by visiting the various titles on this page.

As Peggy Raphaël Dabar mentions, Image d’Orient is a “Contemporary concept paying tribute to the legacy of past civilizations… A world where diversity is embraced, where modern is a resonance of the ancient.”

Besides creating glorious (and durable, washable, unbreakable…) tabletop presentations in your own home, these items also make for great wedding gifts, or hostess gifts (think the trivets, coasters, bottle holders). Buy on Amazon or find a retail location here.

2 Responses to Images d’Orient

  1. Dear Anne-Marie, thank you for your succulent comments about “Images d’Orient”. We work with so much love, enthusiasm and conviction that we are thrilled when we see our passion being shared so brilliantly!!! kisses from a B(L)OOMER…

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Awww, Peggy. Hope we did your work justice. All I can say is that the web images don’t do it justice. So much more amazing “in person”. Your fold-out poster is now hung in my daughter’s room who uses it for creation inspiration. Such great designs!

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