Not Too Late for a Summer Garden


Connie Henderson created Amber’s Garden Ready-to-Plant Gardens because her daughter, Amber, loved to garden with her.  Being a parent to small children myself, I love to garden with them also, but the concept of spreading the seeds around evenly is lost on them.  Usually we get a clump of little sprouts and the rest void of growth.

Connie came up with this great idea of threading burlap mats with seeds.  The whole burlap mat is placed on a layer of dirt and then covered with dirt.  Each mat shows what you are planting and where.  There is a base paper that holds the seeds to the mat and also acts as a weed barrier for the first 9-12 weeks before it biodegrades. What I love is that there is no guess work involved with the spacing of the seeds and there is no need to transplant.

A variety of Ready-to-Grow-Gardens are available, such as Herb Garden, Summer Crop, Pumpkin Patch, to name a few. Connie has created convenient mat shapes like circles for pots and  long rectangles for your actual garden.  Each can be cut if needed to accommodate your garden space. The Herb Garden is the perfect garden for a pot that can be brought indoors when the weather starts turning colder.

Never has gardening been this easy; with or without children.  Check out the website at to view her selection of Ready-to-Grow-Gardens.

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