Office Supplies Redux

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

There are many things to love about having a home office: no wasted commuting time, no constant interruptions by well-meaning or just annoying colleagues, no need to get dressed up and done up…

Ironically – or logically – the reverse of many of these complaints make for other complaints: no commute means that I sometimes never get above 1500 steps in the day – way below the recommended 10,000 steps/day. See? running for the train/bus has its advantages; the isolation makes me crave colleagues of any kind, annoying or not; the consecutive days spend in yoga gear and unwashed hair can be depressing.

BUT, your working environment doesn’t have to be! Remember when the Big Box office store was the only place to get – really boring – office supplies? Well no more. Here are some fun companies that specialize in colorful, happy, stylish and smart home office accessories:

Poppin Office Supplies –  Fun, streamlined, colorful officeware because “Finally, your desk can look as good as you do.” The company believes that office tools shouldn’t have to be drab and dreary. Hooray for that. Shop colorful work-stylish supplies such as paper products, destop accessories and even furniture at
 Martha Stewart Home Office at Staples - Martha Stewart has now added her expert touch to the office supplies market. It’s definitely not a reach for her. Her very tasteful and pretty line has recently launched at Staples. The collection offers binders, journals & notebooks & papers, filing solutions, desktop accessories, furniture and most fun of all are her labels, tags and bands offering. Great for getting things labeled around the house or to be used as gift labels. Shop here.
 Urban Office – This new company has picked out a wonderful selection of unique and stylish work accessories online so that you can reflect your own personal style in your work area too. ‘Cause we know that you like to stretch your horizons beyond manila. Shop office accessories by modern, vintage, traditional and garden styles here at
 See Jane Work – This is the first stylish office supply company that I became aware of a few years ago. Its founder was frustrated with the boring Big Box office store offerings and created her store as an online destination for office style and organization. Find everything from agendas & calendars, desk sets & accessories, cases & totebags and filing & storage solutions. Shop here.


Dreary office no more!


4 Responses to Office Supplies Redux

  1. I really like Martha Stewart’s office collection. That color blue is my favorite color.

    And I hear you about the yoga pants and unwashed hair. It’s pretty bad some days.

  2. Sitting is such a risk factor for poor health that we bloggers need to create ways to blog while walking. Let me know if you ever encounter a reliable (and not terribly expensive treadmill desk….)

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Grown & Flown, no recommendation for treadmill desks, but we do have some reco’s for standing desks. Here’s a piece that we wrote about that here: I am standing while working now and, though it takes some getting used to, I’m much happier that way!

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