One-Step Halloween Costumes

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

It must be my age. I use to go all out for Halloween, decorating lavishly and sewing intricate costumes for the entire family. I’ve gotten lazy since my kids stopped trick-or-treating. I will even shamefully admit that, for the last two years I’ve shut all the lights and posted a “No Candy” sign at the door. It’s not that I don’t want to distribute candy to the adorable little kids (although I do roll my eye when the older teens come around with their pillow cases…), but it’s really the whole decorating prep that I can’t deal with. So yeah, no pumpkin, no candy.

I’m aware that although I’ve become a Halloween Scrooge, most people love this “Holiday”. At the moment, I don’t have much energy to give to it and I find myself wondering what would I wear if I HAD to attend a Halloween party? I’d most probably take the lazy creative route of a one-step costume. Like these:

Crazy Dog FLip Shirt ZombieCrazy Dog Flip Shirts – The ultimate instant costume! These flip shirts are as brilliant as they are an insult to traditional Halloween costumes. Love them. A little hard to go trick-or-treating while wearing one of these over your head, but potentially great fun at school (or the office for us immature adults). Buy online for $18.99.
PosmaskPopMask – Be anyone you want this Halloween. Upload the photo of a face (anyone’s!) to create a mask. The “masks are printed on strong, lightweight plastic which flexes to conform to the curve of your face. The nose piece protrudes to create a realistic illusion”. There is an articulated jaw that moves when you speak. Order by October 25 to receive it by Halloween. The Popmasks are $20.
Faux Real Biker ChickFaux Real Shirts – We featured these last year (See? I was lazy last year already) under our Clever Find category for a 30-second Halloween costume. I need to mention the Faux Real shirts here again because they soooo belong under the subject line. I think that this biker chick tee would be particularly funny on my past-its-prime body. See all the assortment of Faux Real tees here. Fun designs for men and children too.
 dracula face from GameFaceThe Costume Face – Yes, another find from last year and worth a repeat mention. These peel-away masks are certainly easier and faster to apply than face paint. They are trim-to-fit, one size “masks”. See them here. 



6 Responses to One-Step Halloween Costumes

  1. Thank you! Thank you! I’m tired of Halloween, too and you’ve granted me permission to turn off the lights and eat all the candy myself!

  2. The Crazy Dog Flip shirt is my favorite!

  3. I was just telling my husband this morning that this is the first year ever that I’ve done absolutely nothing for Halloween (other than write about it). Guess that makes me a Halloween Scrooge, too. Love being in such good company! :-D

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