Mothers Day Gift Guide 2015

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy ~ Because handmade is simply more thoughtful

Menopause gift ideas

GIFT IDEA: Playful Menopause Gifts

Madison Reed Root Touch Up

Review of Madison Reed’s Root Touch up

Dont worry retire happy

Need to plan for retirement? Watch this show: Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™

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Style & Beauty

Design Your Perfect Bag: Laudi Vidni Custom Leather Handbags

With Laudi Vidni, you can design your perfect bag and carry it in 4 to 6 weeks.

Laudi Vidni Handcrafted Custom Handbags

Living & Spirit

Go Ahead. Laugh. At Cancer Girl’s Greeting Cards With Attitude

The Cancer Girl greeting cards are a terrific way to let a friend or family member know that you are thinking of them without sending a deeply sappy poetic card of sympathy.

Cancer Girl cards

Living & Spirit

MOTHER, a film to watch on Earth Day

Mother, the film – Mother as in, Mother Earth – is an indie documentary and winner of several awards which discusses the impact the population growth is having on our world and the challenges it will causing in our future.

Mother, the film

Finds & Gifts

Clever Find: FreshTape, a reusable, recyclable food bag sealer

How do you reseal the open bags in your pantry? We’ve tried it all in our home. That’s until I was introduced to FreshTape.


Home & Garden

Tower Garden for Vertical Urban Farming

Take a look at the Tower Garden, an aeroponic vertical gardening system. The very clever, patented system produces faster growing and more nutritious fruits, vegetables, herbs and even flowers.

Tower Garden Planting Guide

Living & Spirit

Angel On My Shoulder – Summer Camps Help Kids Affected By Cancer

Angel On My Shoulder is a non-profit organization that offers cost-free camps, both summer and year-round camps, designed to address the needs of young people whose lives have been affected by cancer through the illness or passing of a close family member.

Angel on my shoulder

Finds & Gifts

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy ~ Because handmade is simply more thoughtful

This year, we decided to put together our Mother’s Day gift guide uniquely from Etsy shops: we love supporting independent artists and value handmade.

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2015

Style & Beauty

Review of Madison Reed’s Hair Gloss

It’s pretty clear that I’m a fan of Madison Reed, the “healthier hair color” company. I love their Root Touch Up. And now that I’ve tried the Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss, I’m in love with that too.

Madison Reed Hair Gloss