Menopause gift ideas

GIFT IDEA: Playful Menopause Gifts

Madison Reed Root Touch Up

Review of Madison Reed’s Root Touch up

Shopping Marsala

Fashion Picks in Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

Dont worry retire happy

Need to plan for retirement? Watch this show: Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™

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Style & Beauty

Crepe Erase, First Impression

What’s with the product’s name? As you know, aging skin loses elasticity and may become crepey looking in certain areas. Crepey, as in crepe paper. Dry, wrinkly, crepey. It’s a word.

Crepe Erase

Finds & Gifts

GIFT IDEA: Heart the Moment Paper Crowns

The Heart the Moment Paper Crowns are the most endearing gift idea to come around in a long time. Guaranteed to make that special person feel celebrated.

Fern Solomon of Heart the Moment

Finds & Gifts

GIFT IDEA for new baby: Milestone Baby Cards

We are at that stage now where it’s not longer our girlfriends having babies. It’s our girlfriends’ children having babies. Like, as in, GRANDchildren! Yikes! Did you know that the average age for becoming a grandparent is… 47! I’m 51, but personally, I’m going to ground my kids for life if one of them tells […]

Milestone Baby Cards

Finds & Gifts

Clever Find: NoYo Egg Separator

NoYo is the egg separator that is reusable, easy to clean, and proudly made in the USA of food grade silicone.

NOYO Egg Separator

Finds & Gifts

GIFT IDEA: Playful Menopause Gifts

Your friend is turning 50. She may be complaining about hot flashes and other menopause related ailments. What else are you going to do but find a gift that helps her find the humor in it?

Menopause Voodoo Dolls

Living & Spirit

Ideas to show support on International Women’s Day, March 8

International Women’s Day is held every year on March 8, with the first one taking place in 1911 in Denmark, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. NGO’s, charities and government worldwide participate to encourage women’s achievements and support their current political, economic and social challenges. #MAKEitHAPPEN #IWD2015 A new theme is developed each year. This year’s theme is “Make […]

Child Bride Fake Magazine

Health & Wellness

Watch this film: The Widowmaker (it’s about heart disease)

Did you know that heart disease is also known as the silent killer? That’s what this film, The Widowmaker is all about. And watching it could save your life.

The Widowmaker film

Finds & Gifts

Clever Find: Butter Mill

The Butter Mill grates cold butter so that it is immediately spreadable and will not harm your toast. Or bagel. :-)

Butter Mill by Cooks Innovations