Rent your college textbooks

Renting Your College Textbooks ~ The Smart Way to Go

Our readers favorite clever finds

Readers Favorite Clever Finds

Food waste - we waste 40% of our food

Let’s Talk About Food Waste and What We Can Start Doing About It


Ladies, let’s talk! Finally, there is a brand new way to STOP bladder leaks with Finess

Madison Reed Root Touch Up

Review of Madison Reed’s Root Touch up

  • Finess - The Science to stop bladder leaks
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Style & Beauty

Fashion Craving: Booties for Fall

It took me a while to appreciate the look of booties worn with skirts and dresses, but I get it now. Ankle boots are not just for pants! we need a pair for every outfit, occasion and mood, don’t we? I’m craving these booties for fall…

United Nude Uma ankle boot stlying

Finds & Gifts

Clever Find for College Dorm: Door Jammer

Meet the DoorJammer, a portable door security device (or, just call it a safety door jammer!!) that is used to create a better locking/blocking mechanism for a door.


Finds & Gifts

Renting Your College Textbooks ~ The Smart Way to Go

Thanks to technology, students now have less expensive options from which to get their required college textbooks: renting them.

Renting your college textbooks

Finds & Gifts

Readers Favorite Clever Finds

Love the brilliance that went into the creation of these clever finds and thought that our readers’ favorites deserved their own post.

Our readers favorite clever finds

Finds & Gifts

Clever Find: reCAP Mason Jars

Thanks to reCAP, Mason jars are more versatile and multi-functional than ever. Way beyond canning, think of Mason jars for mixing, shaking, pouring, drinking and storing.

reuser the Classico Jars with reCAP

Finds & Gifts

CLEVER FIND for travelers: ZipSak, luggage that folds

I’m tempted to switch my hard case suitcases for the Biaggi Zipsak. It’s four-wheeled spinner luggage that folds up. Basically, a full-sized duffle bag, on wheels, folds into the size of a shoe box.

Biaggi Zipsak foldable luggage

Health & Wellness

Stopain Migraine for Topical Migraine Relief

I’m happy to introduce STOPAIN MIGRAINE, topical migraine relief, the latest addition to the Stopain family of products known for their topical pain relief efficacy.

Stopain Migraine

Finds & Gifts

CLEVER FIND: SwimSpray eliminates chlorine odor & damage

Used right after swimming, SwimSpray will eliminate chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin. The product was invented by a dedicated swimmer who almost gave up swimming because of the post-workout chlorine smell.

Use SwimSpray to prevent chlorine hair damage