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Whole30 for the Over 50 – one week in & the no-weighing yourself thing & mayo recipe

It’s been a little over a week on the Whole30 program. It’s been going nicely for this Over 50. Though the “not weighing” thing has been a mixed blessing. But found out that mayonnaise, of all things, has made the program much easier. And so, a recipe…

No weighing yourself

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Backpacks for business women

My tote bag just isn’t working out for carrying my laptop & documents. It’s upon a visit to San Francisco that I realized that the women in this techy walking city had figured it out: the BACKPACK!!

Backpacks instead of briefcases

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Hot Dog! Time to Start Whole30!

I have approached this whole, Whole30 thing with a bit of trepidation. What do you mean I can’t have dairy? Or sugar? What? I can’t weigh myself? Don’t you know how badly I want to weigh myself NOW?

What's in your hot dog? Peta

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Whole30 for the Over 50 — Day 1

As two women just over 50 who have been b!tching for years about those extra pounds around the belly and the derrière, Susan and I have a vested interest in seeing if this “clean eating” program can help when no other diets or regimen have.

Whole30 for the over 50

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Warby Parker now offers Progressive Glasses!

Warby Parker. The type of company/retailer/manufacturer you can fall in love with. Their product is stylish, inexpensive and does good, all at the same time. And now that they offer progressives, I’m jumping on that bandwagon.

Warby Parker Sunglasses

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Hot Flashes Out of Control? Participate in the Replenish Trial Study

Many women know all too well the annoying effects of a full-blown and ill-timed hot flash. And many have not yet found a solution to curb their hot flashes. If you’re one of those, you may want to participate in the Replenish Trial Study.

Replenish Research Study

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Outlander TV Series & How to get to Scotland

As the Outlander TV series progresses, many among us are bound to have fantasize about Scotland, its landscape, castles … and its men in kilts. The fantasy will materialize for one lucky person (and guest) who enters the Outlander Sweepstakes on Facebook.

Outlander TV Series Sweepstakes

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{Healthy} College Dorm Care Packages via Abe’s Market

Abe’s Market is my new to-go place when I’m shopping for natural and organic products. Here I create a healthy – and yummy – college dorm care package for my daughter.

Abe's Market