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For all my fashion cravings, as I get older, I’m getting more and more conflicted about shopping. I’m realizing that each purchase has to have a purpose and meaning. It’s quite inconvenient (but a great cost-saving measure) that, when shopping, I’m now overcome with a palpable sense of guilt when confronted with the excess of available merchandise. This degenerates into aversion when I walk past, for instance, the over-flowing displays of petroleum-infused and chemical-smelling fashion accessories (happened again this past weekend as I walked into DSW), i.e. the mounds of made-in-China knock-off designs created in horrid colors of pleather. If the smell is overwhelming to me, just walking by, what is it doing to the workers involved in the manufacturing of the materials and the end-product? What is all this production & consumption doing to our planet?

These questions are exactly why inspired and inspiring companies like Reveal are so relevant; “Sustainable has never looked so chic”. Indeed, with enlightened accessory designers like Reveal, there is no longer a need to compromise between style and social responsibility. They use innovative recycled and sustainable materials in all their designs. For example the recycled polyester used in their totes and wallets is made from used plastic bottles. The hemp used in handbag and wallet designs is a fast-growing renewable plant. Even their recycled zippers are made with 100% recycled polyester and 30% recycled metal slider. 

The Reveal designs are classic, timeless with a definite modern edge which will allow the pieces to endure through trends. Their work is a true devotion to preserving the planet’s resources. And beyond that, for every item sold, Reveal plants a tree through their rePlant program. Love.

This is definitely respectful and feel-good shopping. Because a gal needs a new handbag every now and then.

Now for eco-chic shoes…

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