Stocking Stuffers – For Everyone on Your List

Here are some definitely original and playful finds to fill the stockings of pretty much everyone in the family.

We have attempted to classify the gift ideas by the logical recipient type (for lil’ kids, for t(w)eens, for her and for him), but please feel free to cross boundaries!

Have fun!

Smens – My girls love these “smelly”pens! Fun scents like Creamsicle and Pink Lemonade. Buy a set of 10 here for $24.95. Enough to distribute through a few stockings.
Eco Crayons – Crayons made from recycled leftover crayons. But much more fun and perfect for little fingers to hold. Buy here for $9.95.
Natural Molding Dough - We featured Clementine Art’s fun kids products before. The molding play dough, made with only natural ingredients and NO chemicals dyes or additives, can be bought here for $9.99.
Tattoo Hands – Brings hand puppets to a whole new level with these temporary tattoos. Buy them at the Container Store for $5.99.
Cosmic Spinning Tops – Kids love to spin tops and these tops are easy to spin and fun to watch as they create interesting patterns. The tops are made by Channel Craft, the “Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles Made in the USA“. Buy at Nico and Zoe for $5.00 ea.
Staple Free Stapler – These are great for children, since it does not use staples. Buy at Lee Valley for $2.50.
Book on Hand Shadows – Every child loves making hand shadows. Here is an easy-to-follow book on how to make all the cool ones. Buy at Lee Valley for $6.95.
Gleen Gum – Glee Gum is all natural chewing gum made with chicle sustainably harvested from Sapodilla trees in the rainforests of Central America. Buy a pack of 12 on Foodzie for $10.00. Enough to get some in each stocking!

Walls Notebook - This notebook/sketchbook has 80 ‘clean’ New York City walls as your blank slate. Write, doodle or sketch on these inspirational backdrops. Buy here for $16.95.
Magnetic Paperclips with Symbols – Perfect markers for the college student to keep track of important references and the answer guide! Buy here for $15.95.
Splat Marker – A marker wheel with six different marker colors. Buy here for $2.95 each.
CD Labels – Set of eight adhesive labels to dress up your downloaded CD mixes. Groovy but don’t tell your kids we said “groovy”. Buy here for $5.95.
Collapsible Water Bottle - This Vapur anti-bottle is perfect for lunch boxes and backpacks. Comes back empty and flat to make more room for homework books. We hope. Buy here for $15.99 for 2.
Speed Dial Lock – This lock opens on directional movement (up, down, left, and right) rather than the traditional numbered rotary dial. It is faster to open and you can set your own sequence. Stronger than an ordinary combination lock and teens will love this “joy stick” reminiscent design. Buy it on Amazon for approx. $9.49.
iStand – This funky iStand for their iPod or iPhone comes in five bold colors (black, green, white, pink and orange) and is small enough to fit in a pocket.  Buy it at the Container Store for $4.99.
E.L.F. Cosmetics – With most pieces costing only $1,  check out for a plethora of stocking stuffers for the makeup crazy girl.
Wrapsters – Say good bye to tangled earbud earphones with Wrapster. Buy here for $4.99.
DigiDude Tripod – This is definitely a tripod with attitude! Small enough to go everywhere a teen goes. Buy here for $20.00.
Graffiti Tags – These recycled tags will definitely stand out, making your bag more recognizable. Made of Tyvek, they are pretty much indestructible. Buy a set of 10 here for $10.00.

Calendar – Beautifully designed by artist Valentina and downloadable, to be printed on your own choice of paper. Download the PDF file on Etsy for $7.00.
Reusable BYO Hand Towel – Show her that you love her and the earth by giving her a personal reusable hand towel to go. Fits easily in any bag and dries super fast. Buy them at PeopleTowels for $6.99 each.
Pecan Pie in a Jar - Yum! Need I say more! If you’re lucky, she might share… Buy here for $12.95.
PooPooPaper – Notepads and Journals made from Elephant droppings. No subliminal message here except to say that you are a creative gift giver with a great eye for innovative and sustainable materials! Buy them here from $14.99 – $18.99.
Kaia Natural Bamboo Facial Cloths – These cleansing cloths feel like cashmere on your skin and are 100% biodegradable. Buy them on Amazon for approx. $18.00 for 30.
Flat Flowers Window Stickers are made from static material. Make any window instantly cheerier with this two sided removable decorative sticker.  A great teacher’s gift also. Buy on Amazon for approx. $17.85.
Mad-Dana Scarf – One scarf and ten different ways to wear it. Great for keeping the hair back & sweat at bay when exercising and for on-the-go travel stylin’. Buy here for $9.95.
Flowering Twig Pencil – A hand carved rose blooms from the top of a bark covered branch. Buy at Anthropologie for $5.00.
Deep Sea Anti-Stress Mud Masque – Ultra deep cleansing Dead Sea Mud that draws out the impurities and opens blocked pores. For just over $2 each you may want to buy a few to go around! Buy on Amazon.
ila Pebble Keyring Alarm – Keep her safe with this handy keyring alarm. Great for the teenager also. Buy on for $14.95.
Stemware Plate Clips – For a woman who likes to entertain these clips attach to the side of a plate to securely hold a wine glass. Buy them at the Container Store for $14.99 for 6.
Words to Sweat By Towels – Having a mantra can help motivate her to work out even on those days she does not want to. Buy the towels here for $9.95.
Flexible Blossom Crown – To create the perfect bouquets, these pliable wire floral arrangers bend to fit virtually any size vase. Buy here for $8.40 for a set of 3.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap – This soap exfoliates, moisturizes and deep-cleans your skin. It lathers nicely without drying. Since they come in a pack of 3, slip one of these intriguing soaps in the other family members’ stockings too. Buy here for $19.99 for 3.
iPhone Playing Cards – As if iPhones were not ubiquitous enough, here’s a fun deck of cards for those who love their iPhone and… love to play cards. Buy here for $24.99.
MoviePeg - This no-hand stand is perfect for movie watching on the iPhone and iPad. Buy here for $7.99 – $19.99.
Inspirational Million Dollar Bills – Put wealth and abundance right in his wallet. Buy some abundance here for $9.95 for 10 bills.
Reviving Facial Masque for Him – He probably won’t go to the spa for a full facial treatment, but he might just enjoy one at home. For about $2.50, you don’t have much to risk. Buy on Amazon.
Sexy Slang’s Bedroom Challenges- Spice up each other’s “bedroom life” with Sexy Slang’s new book featuring 69 bedroom challenges. Buy on Amazon for approx. $10.00.
All Natural Shaving Cream – Pacific Shaving Products are all natural and certified organic. Check out their whole line here. Shaving Cream is $9.99.
Champagne Bottle Opener – This ingenious opener is the perfect to uncork Champagne safely and without poking someone’s eye out (not that this ever happens, but everyone always thinks it will). Buy it at Cambria Cove for $25.00.
Minimergency for Him – Perfect to for the office when he needs a personal or grooming item. Buy here for $12.00. And while your are there check out the other kits. There is something for everyone.
Book Darts – A perfect little something for the researcher or avid reader. Buy at Lee Valley for $8.95.
Pocket Wrench – This is the next best thing to a real wrench. Perfect to be kept in the car or in a briefcase, because you never know when you will need one! Buy at Lee Valley for $11.50.
Mug Hug Lid- Take any mug and make it into a travel mug. This lid fits on most ceramic mugs. Buy it on Amazon for $6.99.

Ok, so, that should get you started…

But, should you need more inspiration, here are ALL our Gift Guides. Or, go directly to the Jewelry-is-always-the-perfect-gift Guide, the Hostess Gift Guide, the Lil’ Kids Gift Guide, the Teens Gift Guide, the Men’s Gift Guide, the Eco & Fair Trade Gift Guide. And, that’s for just for starters…. So stay tuned for our gift guides for women, for pets and for the “impossible the buy for”.

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