15 Fun Things About Turning 50

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor- Midlife Wisdom

If you’re facing turning 50 with a bit of dread, take heart. After hitting the milestone birthday in March last year, I’ve discovered the age of 50 isn’t bad at all. In fact, many things in life are
decidedly more delicious, and I share them here in this two-minute video.

We’d love to hear what you love about your fifties, so please continue the conversation in the comments section below.


Marjie-KilleenMarjie Killeen thinks her forties are her coolest decade so far. Since turning 40 she has sung in a rock band, produced a local access TV show, and earned her Masters in Written Communication from National-Louis University. She blogs about this unexpectedly fulfilling time of life at www.fortyfabulous.blogspot.com and is the regular “Sex & the Suburbs” columnist for MakeitBetter.net magazine. Marjie lives in Wilmette, IL with her husband and their two teenaged children.

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