What’s a Succulent Wife? And what the heck is a B(l)oomer™?

We hoped you would ask!

Don’t you find that, as you get older, your life is now more about finding “meaning”? This is why the theme of Succulence is on the marquee. For us, Succulence is about truly tasting and experiencing life, preferably in big juicy, delicious bites. It’s about finding ways to relish the moment, to make it playful and exciting and meaningful. And it’s about living and consuming more consciously.

And the “Wife” part? The “Succulent Wife” was originally the name of our online gift shop, which featured the work of independent artists as well as other very unique gift ideas. We no longer sell product on this site, and now have the privilege of being completely editorial and able to report on the variety of things that… truly turn us on. We decided to keep the name TheSucculentWife.com for our blog magazine because we really enjoy the fact that it raises a few eyebrows.

And what’s with B(L)OOMERS? Yes, you got it, we are talking about Baby Boomers, because we are, ourselves, at the tail end of that generation and proud of it (Baby Boomers are – technically – born between 1946 and 1964). But, we do find that Baby Boomers are ill-portrayed in the media, most often shown as golden-agers just shy of needing a walker. That is clearly not how we feel. As women over 45, we are feeling more alive than ever, more adventurous, self-assured and more determined to improve our lives… The term Baby Boomers described our demographic generation, but not our essence. Other known synonymous terms? Middle-aged? Out. Mid-lifer? Not feeling it. So we thought we needed another name, one that would qualify how we felt. Our particular designation didn’t exist yet so, we invented it: B(L)OOMERS, as in the generation of blooming Boomers. Tacky in a perfectly charming way, we know. But so much more resonating: we are Boomers, but don’t have a foot in the grave yet. Au contraire, we are on a constant quest for personal growth and boy are we blossoming, uh, b(l)ooming!

So, with that in mind, The Succulent Wife curates content that speaks to women like us, in our stage or life, where the primary focus has shifted away from catering to the family’s every need (we’ve done our best to raise self-reliant kids that can now make their own breakfast and maybe even do their own laundry) to now meeting our obligations to ourselves. Along with some fantastic contributors, we are ardent in our quest to uncover the latest, most interesting, enriching lifestyle trends and topics to present to our readers. Besides that, our passion for “very cool stuff”, especially in the gift category, drives us to search high and wide for finds of the most current, charming, value-filled, relevant, useful and beautiful products. In all modesty, we put together the best gift guides anywhere around.

We are lucky enough to be able to share all of that with you through this website. We hope that you enjoy our finds as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

We’d love to hear from you! “Write” to us at info [at] thesucculentwife [dot] com.



Anne-Marie Kovacs is a marketing professional by day and Chief Wife and founder at TheSucculentWife.com at every other moment. With over 20 years of marketing experience, she has developed a knack for spotting trends and the unique positioning factors and values propositions of products or services. Branding remains her dearest passion since it is so central to the marketing strategy: it’s about telling the story of a product, communicating its value, giving it a voice and connecting with the audience. So then, it’s a natural tangent for her to want to tell her audience – her readers – the story of the unique products, businesses and practices that make her life richer and more meaningful.


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About the products and services that we feature: We  do not receive monetary compensation for a.ny.thing in our editorial pages. When we write about something, it's because we are moved by our passions, our discoveries and our temptations and follies of the moment. Sometimes, great companies, designers and artists inform us of their products or services, and if we get as excited as they are about them, we will feature them. No guarantees, but we are really glad that they let us know they existed so that we could spread the word. If you need to let us know about a great product or service that you think might make our day, write to us at info [at] thesucculentwife [dot] com.

With that said, you will also want to read our disclosure. It explains how we clearly mark sponsored posts or giveaways and how we sometimes will include affiliate links to products that we are writing about, should such an affiliate program be available to us. Again, please contact us at info [at] thesucculentwife [dot] com if you have any questions.




The Succulent Wife has been trained to search out and propose the most unique gift ideas since looooooong before she ever became a –  succulent – wife. You see, her very own mother had a successful gift boutique back in the day and that was part of the early training. Today, she denotes her most special finds with this “Gift Worthy” seal of approval which signifies that the gift suggestion upon which the seal is bestowed has shown special meaning, provenance, value (and value is not always about the cost) and/or beauty. We hope that this will mean to you that you need not question the potential glee that your gift recipient will exhibit upon receiving it.




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