Add to the Enjoyment of Drinking Tea with Tea Successories

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

With the East Coast being hit again with yet another snow storm and my California friends complaining about the cold weather, it is definitely the season to curl up with a good hot cup of tea.

Growing up, my mother would make tea when we got home from school. By the time we walked through the door, the kettle would be boiling. My mother would add two Red Rose tea bags to the teapot and pour the boiling water in it. Gone was the whole intricate formal ceremonies that many cultures historically created around serving tea.

Baby boomers are changing this by making afternoon tea breaks popular again. Although we are not going so far as to create a ceremony around this ritual, we are seeing it as a wonderful luxury and an excuse to take out our mother's fine bone china.

To add to the enjoyment are many products that bring tea drinking to a whole new level. I call these tea successories, because they bring the simple task of making tea into an experience.

Here are some of my favorites:

Flowering Tea Gift Set Flowering Tea Set – This glass tea pot and flowering tea make a beautiful statement when getting together with friends. The flowering green teas come directly from China where they are expertly dried and formed into tea balls. When hot water is added to the tea balls, a flower will start to emerge and grow while releasing a wonderful fragrance. Buy this and other tea successories from Primula. This gift set is $29.99.
Tea Control Teapot with Built-In Filter – This teapot is functional and a beautiful way to make and serve loose tea. The barrier can be pressed to make the tea as strong as you like. Buy directly from Plum Door Tea Co. for $37.99.
Make My Day Tea Cube Cube Teapot with Infuser – Think outside the box with this cube teapot from Make My Day™. A silicone bird perched on the top holds the stainless steel tea infuser in place. Available in a variety of colors. Buy on Amazon for $40.00.
reTEA cup ReTea Cup – A beautiful stoneware tea cup that allows you to save the tea bag for the next cup of tea. Choose either white, blue or kiwi. Buy from HighWave for $10.00.
Magisso Tea Cup Magisso Loose Leaf Tea Cup – Not only beautifully designed but this tea cup also makes a perfect cup of tea, exactly the way you like it. The tilt bottom allows you to seep the tea leaves to just the right strength. Tilt it the other way to enjoy your hot cup of tea. Buy on Amazon for $25.00.
Dreamfarm Teafu Tea Infuser Teafu Tea Infuser – This silicone tea infuser brews the tea faster by squeezing the flexible pod. The design easily scoops the loose leaves into its pod with no mess. Buy from DreamFarm for $16.95.
Finum Tea Filters Disposable Filters – I love loose tea and some tea mixes are so beautiful to look at, it is a shame to put them in a traditional tea leaf ball. These disposable filters are not only practical but also great for presentation. Buy on Amazon for $12.50.
My Cup of Tea My Cup of Tea – Coming from a long line of chinese doctors, Kenny Hui knows about the wisdom and importance of drinking tea. He and his two partners have created beautiful lines of teas, not only for the importance of health but also for the simple enjoyment of drinking tea. Great packaging that even the man in your life would feel comfortable taking a box to work with him (and yes, the image is a great likeness to Kenny Hui). Buy directly from My Cup of Tea.
Bambeco Herbal Tea Garden Grow Your Own Tea – Make the finest and most natural cup of tea from your own indoor or outdoor garden. This herbal tea kit comes with five types of herbs, markers and detailed growing and brewing instructions. Buy from Bambeco for $15.00.


Is it tea time yet?

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