After The Art Fair – Part Deux

As mentioned in my last edition, I relish attending the summer's art festivals.  I have such admiration for the artists who spend much of their summer on the road… So what happens once the season is over? In a continued effort to provide independent artists with more visibility, here is a little shout out to give them some extra exposure to reach art lovers outside of the art fair sphere.

The Fountain Square Art Festival in Evanston, IL is another of the great art fairs that I attended this summer. It's also a also a juried show and features artists of many disciplines in addition to hip urban crafters, and there is NO macramé in sight, I assure you. Here are some of the artists that really caught my attention this time around:

Xiumei's own bio says it all: “Born in Shanghai in the midst of China's Cultural Revolution when worlds were colliding with one another, I studied the moods, feelings and romance of European artists, while China's history, artifacts and creative force were being irreparably damaged. I survived as did China. Mao Zedong, in my formative years, was a symbol of absolute repression. I have chosen that same symbol to liberate and expand my view of China in today's world”.  Images of Western pop culture and Chinese revolution propaganda juxtapose brilliantly. See her website here.
Gregory Story has a tongue in cheek approach to ceramics. It's not your usual bowl/carafe/vase pottery set. Instead, Gregory proposes spheres to adorn your wall or tall sculptures to add instant modern flair. Visit his website to see more and to purchase.
Moira K. Lime: With all the handmade jewelry that I am exposed to, I'm quite blasée and hard to impress. But Katie Lime's work had me do a double-take. Inspired by the botanical and natural world, her jewelry is fresh and modern in a beautifully simple yet striking way. Visit the Shop tab on her website to find retail spots.
Circa Ceramics is the work of duo ceramists Andy Witt and Nancy Pizarro. Their line includes tableware in fun colors, adorned with vintage images. You can find out more about their process here and can buy from their Etsy shop.
Hiroshi Ariyama produces multi-color screenprints using intricate stencils created from his own photography. The Ariyama Studio focuses on cityscapes and urban scenes, mostly of Chicago. The result is compelling imagery that color the landscape in perfect doses. You may buy prints on the Ariyama Studio's Etsy shop.
Foundry Design‘s motto: “Beauty in what we have”. Designer Ardis Berghoff creates women's clothing from recycled, repurposed materials based on her own designs. A bolt of vintage 70's fabric or men's shirts are designed into unique and wearable creations. I particularly ♥ this sundress. Here is her Etsy store.
Glenna Adkins, Mixed Media Painting. I have a definite weakness for ethereal landscapes and Glenna's work fits right smack in the vortex of that weakness. See her work here.
Sam and Coop, children's clothing. Who among us doesn't fall under the charm of adorable baby clothing? Especially these take-me-seriously(not)-dress-like-daddy onesies or the every-little-girl-needs-one tutu onesies. Great baby gifts! See the Sam and Coop Etsy store.
Leif Holland offers “nature morte” from a completely different perspective: 3D botanical sculptures. His pieces consist of portable representations of natural scenes. “I approach my artwork much the same way I approached food when I was cooking for a living. Ingredients are carefully selected (most by hand), treated with due respect, and are utilized in a way that their best features are highlighted.” Get more information from the gallery website. While you're there, make sure to visit Brian McGuffey's work too.
Brianna Martray. The “Tall Skinnys” are the sculptures that caught my attention. Brianna started off as a painter and just recently discovered sculpture. She's definitely onto something! Find out more on her website.
Sondra Wampler. Sondra's photography is resonant in its a fine art approach. Sondra's botanicals made me swoon, but her Still Life and Architecture collections beckon as well. Contact Sondra for purchase information and to view her photographs.
Mark Hurd Prints & Graphics. I love this work. A little bit photography, a lot graphic design. Mark Hurd's prints are happy and colorful and could find themselves at home in any room of the house. But the toy and race cars would be particularly great to decorate a young boy's room. Click on the contact link of the website to contact the artist.

Let us know of any art festivals you may have attended or of any deserving artist that would appreciate a mention!

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