After The Art Fair – Part One

Part of my summer fun is attending art fairs. I have such admiration for the artists who spend much of their summer on the road, navigating from one fair to the next, packing and unpacking their artwork… So what happens once the season is over? In a continued effort to provide independent artists with more visibility, here is a little shout out to give them some extra exposure to reach art lovers outside of the art fair sphere.

I’m lucky enough to live in close proximity to some fantastic art fairs. The Chicago 57th Street Art Fair was the first one I attended this season. I was blown away by the quality of the work displayed in this juried show. Here are some of my favorites from the 57th Street Art Fair:

Natalya Sots is an enchantress of a ceramist. Her whimsical pieces immediately bring out a smile and a giggle. She works with earthenware clay. Her pieces are hand-formed and hand-glazed and hand-painted and she never uses any molds. Her beautiful ceramic teapots, cups and plates are decorative AND functional. See her Etsy shop here. Tea party anyone?
KG Textiles by Kristin Gereau. Kristin studied textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design. She now hand-looms award-winning from natural fibers. Her gorgeous scarves create an extravagant collar effect. Also sold in the Museum of Contemporary Art Store in Chicago! Or through her website here.
Joachim Knill stages very complex and bizarre still-life and fantastical environments before photographing them with his self-made “world’s largest portable instant film” camera. His work is completely fascinating. You can view and buy his 20 x 30 Polaroid prints and panoramas online here.
Bekah Ash – Naïf, girly. It takes talent to pull this off and make it look so sophisticated. Her subjects are fictional portraits that would look gorgeous in any room. You can contact Bekah here to see what paintings are available or to commission a “real” portrait.
Mark Stephenson Photography – I particularly enjoyed the Weed Series photographs: “Brightly illuminated against a dark field, the line and gesture of these dry weeds seems so alive”. Arresting imagery. Contact the artist here.

Deborah Banyas
creates sculptural wall pieces featuring characters, entirely made by hand and adorned with polymer clay metal and acrylic details. They are completely endearing in their naïve style. The “Happy Couple” piece would make a great wedding or anniversary gift. See her gallery here.
Dolan Geiman’s art is part silk screening, part decoupage, collage and painting. Dolan creates eco-friendly work make from salvaged wood, found objects and recycled materials. Totally something that you would see at Anthropologie. Love it all. See the online shop here.
Valerie Hector is an amazing beadworker. I have never seen beads assembled in this way, beads out of beads in completely modern sculptural configurations. You may shop online here.

Audrey Heller and Melissa Banks of Rapt in Maille, previously mentioned on our site (here and here) where also invited to present their work at this fantastic event.

Well, I’m quite sorry that I couldn’t fit more of a selection of the great 250 artists that exhibited at this fair. Do check out the website to search for other artists and mark your calendars for next year’s fair if you are in the area.

I'll be reporting on other great artists found at other art fairs in my next “After the Art Fair” edition. Stay tuned.

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  1. Birthday gifts says:

    its a nice post !
    As a form of art details of Natalya Sots ,KG Textiles by Kristin Gereau.,Deborah Banyas,Valerie Hector etc, are very amazing .
    Thanks for sharing your’s ideas.

  2. Love them:) Matalya Sots has some amazing pots!
    BTW: I featured your giveaway here:

  3. Natalya Sots is just amazing! Her ceramics are adorable and so attractive!

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