Alone This Valentine’s Day? Try These Dating Apps

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

A high school friend of mine is just going through a divorce and getting back on the dating scene. He is successful, attractive and with a great sense of humor. At age 50, he does not want to settle down but rather, wants to have fun and simply enjoy someone else's company. Although, he has not had any problems meeting women, he still finds it challenging to meet someone who has similar interests, tastes and is old enough to have watched Seinfeld as an adult (and not in reruns!).

Clearly, social media does make it easier to meet people. And to make it even simpler there are three new apps to help connect people for anything to catching a movie together to wanting an exclusive relationship.

They are:

Moosify Dating App Moosify – My friend is a classic rock junkie and tries to go to every classic rock concert he can in a year. This free app connects like-minded and age appropriate people who love the same kind of music, venues and places you do. Think of it as meets Foursquare.
MeetMe Dating App Meet Me – This app shows you who is near by to meet for coffee, a movie or just to chat.  A great, no pressure, spontaneous way of getting out there and meeting new people in very casual settings.
Crazy Bling Date by OK Cupic Crazy Blind Date – OkCupid has just launched a new app where you can set up your own blind date. Simply indicate when you are available and, through the app's algorithm, get matched with an appropriate person in your area that is also available during that time.

If you or someone you know does not want to be alone on Valentine's Day, give these apps a try.  I would love to hear how they work for us baby boomers.


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