An Interview with Sex and Relationship Expert, Dr Pepper Schwartz

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

I had the great pleasure to interview sex and relationship expert, Dr Pepper Schwartz, thanks to Replens, about her new book Prime: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love and The Sensual Years and our sexual adventures as we age.

I would compare her book to Eat, Pray, Love but with advice. Dr Schwartz feels that as we age we can still live a sensual life. Her answers to the below questions were candid and informative about how us women can get our physical, emotional and spiritual self back in shape.

Here are the questions that Dr. Schwartz answered for The Succulent Wife:

1) I recently returned from Rancho La Puerta and I see that you are affiliated with them. What is your role there?

2) Your new book Prime is talking specifically to baby boomers. What message are you wanting to give us?

3) Prime is a very personal account of relationships including your 23 yr marriage that ended in divorce. What advice can you give women who are just getting back into the dating scene?

4) How can couples who have been together a long time renew their intimacy? (I love how she answers this one.)

5) How do you see the role of sex toys in a relationship?

6) In my circle of friends, we have all read 50 Shades of Grey. Why is it resonating so much with our age group?

7) How can women still feel vibrant and desirable after 50?

8) What affects women the most as they go through peri , pre- and full blown menopause?


Here is the video that answers these questions:

Thanks again to Replens for connecting us with Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Replens is a long lasting vaginal moisturizer that helps with vaginal dryness, which, as Dr. Schwartz states, is a natural occurrence as we age. It comes in convenient single dose applicators that lasts for days without leakage. Replens is sold on Amazon for $14.00 for 14 applicators.

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