BBQ Successories

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

In our home we try not to be gender specific, but clearly the BBQ is my husband Scott's domain (as mentioned in a previous article). Very early into our marriage, I was using our BBQ and I did not completely fasten on the gas tank. When I lit the grill, flames started spewing out of the tank also. Let's just say I almost burned down the house and have been traumatized ever since. But, since it is one of Scott's passions I am always looking for products that will enhance the barbecuing experience.

(PS: Photo at left is not Scott, but Anne-Marie's husband and son, happily displaying their dinner on the Fire Wire. More on that below)

Here are some of my favorite BBQ accessories (because, as we women know, it is always all about the accessories):

  Fire Wire Skewers – Shish Kabobs are a staple during the summer months in our home and I was thrilled to discover Fire Wire's innovative double prong skewers. The Double Prong Skewer is stainless steel and keeps food from spinning so that everything can cook evenly. They are sold in a pack of four with different symbols on each skewer for easy labeling. Get them on Amazon for $12.95. Fire Wire also created the Flexible Grilling Skewer which makes grilling so much easier. No matter the size of your grill surface these skewers can snake easily around other food on the grill. Plus, I love that you can marinade the kabobs right on the skewer by putting the whole thing in a bag and then placing them on the grill. They are twice as long as a traditional skewer and come in a package of two. They are also available on Amazon or for $10.00.
  Himalayan Salt Block –  Love, love this!! Place on grill and let heat throughout. Add a little oil and veggies, seafood or meat. No other seasoning is needed. The Himalayan salt enhances the flavor of the food. Makes the best Ahi Tuna I have ever tasted! Salt is a natural anti-microbial, meaning that mold, bacteria and fungus cannot survive on it. To clean, simply scrape off food particles and wipe with a damp cloth. Also can be used as a cold platter for oysters or sushi. They are available directly from SaltRox or from Amazon.
  Cookina BBQ & Cooking Sheets – Ideal for non-stick, easy-clean and healthy grilling, these BBQ cooking sheets are reusable and they allow to cook without oils or fats. It keeps the food tender, juicy and tasty! Great for grilled veggies (especially the little stuff that falls between the grills), meats, seafood and perfect for pizza. Buy directly from Cookina for $14.99.

If your father loves to BBQ, just remember, Father's Day is next month.

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