Bling Out Your Booboos

This is a great story and, as you know I love great stories! It all started one night when Rita Sevigny was getting ready for a dressy party. She had a nasty blemish on her arm and did not want anyone to see it. Rita decided to cover it with a Band-Aid. We have all been there, it looks just as bad. Here we are, all dressed up and think maybe one of our children's band-aids, like Dora or Spiderman would be better, at least humorous. Wrong. So Rita got out her stash of bling (I love this woman), applied it to the bandage and made it into a true thing of beauty! When everyone complimented her on her cute bandage she knew she had stumbled onto something and thus Boo-Boo-Bling was created.

Each BooBoo Bling is made with acrylic rhinestones. Available in seven color choices, each Boo-Boo-Bling package is sent with a set of matching band-aids. They are top name adhesive bandages that are latex free and actually stay on. I love that they come in a variety of colors and I can co-ordinate them with what I am wearing.

Think of your teenage daughter getting ready for prom night and having a nick on her leg from shaving. Fear no more, Boo-Boo-Bling is here to save the day! My young daughters also love them!! Surprise, surprise. Really, what little girl would not? No tears in their eyes now when they come to me needing a band-aid. Due to the small rhinestones, however they are not recommended for children under 6.

They can be ordered directly from their online shop here at for $5.99 per pack.

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One Response to Bling Out Your Booboos

  1. Randi Freeman says:

    Love this idea going to get some for my Granddaughter! Thanks for letting us know about it. Randi

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