Box of the Month for Jewelry

You know that we have quite a penchant for Box-of-the-Month subscriptions. Whether the theme be beauty, adult, healthy eating, men's gifts or anything in between, we feel that box-of-the-month subscriptions make great gift ideas. Certainly, it gets your gift recipient to think about the gift-giver (you!) every time a new box is received.

And with February being synonymous with all matters of the heart and pretty things, we thought that we would mention these jewelry subscription boxes as delightful gift surprises for a Valentine in your life:

Lucid Box of the Month Lucid Box – For $26 per month, Lucid will send the subscriber two “surprise” pieces of fashion jewelry with values between $58 and $74. Why such a discount? Lucid New York is running this as a kind of “loss leader” to encourage you to shop for more great pieces from their online store. It's tempting. Try for one month, cancel when you want. See more at Lucid-Box. 
 Rocksbox box of the month RockBox – This box of the month is best for your fickle Valentine… Rockbox is actually a rental subscription service where, for $19 per month, the subscriber receives three jewelry items that she can wear for up to 60 days. Or she can return the box sooner and get a new set of jewelry pieces to try. Or she can keep and buy any piece for 20% off. Subscribers fill out a short visual survey to describe their style. The jewelry that ends up in the monthly box is from these fab designers. See more at
Dazzley Box of the Month Dazzley Box – This adorable “box of the month for her” includes all sorts of goodies from jewelry and accessories to beauty and food items. One month subscription is $24.99 which drops to $19.99 for a 12 month signup. The content of these boxes is valued at $40. A great monthly treat for your daughter in college, daughter-in-law… Find out more at Dazzley Box. 
Wantable Jewelry Boxes – This company offers monthly boxes (by subscription for $36 or as a one-time for $40) in either beauty products or fashion jewelry. Each box is valued between $80 and $100 and the jewelry box contains between 4 and 5 jewelry items. Set up a style profile and get ready to delight whomever the box is destined to. Lucky them. See more at

To us, gifts are all about delighting and surprising our gift recipients. Box-of-the-month subscriptions are a great way to do this.

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