Calder-Like Mobiles for the Rest of Us

I recently saw the Alexander Calder exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (running through October 17, 2010) and it was enchanting. The exhibit is aptly called “Form, Balance, Joy”. Indeed, Calder’s is the kind of work that mesmerizes your intellectual and your juvenile, playful side all at once.

Since owning a Calder is not something so easily contemplated (well, dahhhhlin, it’s just that I don’t have the room), you will like to know about the Hotchkiss Mobiles. These are, in fact, the very mobiles that are sold in the MCA Museum store.

These interior mobiles, aka kinetic art, definitely recall the Calder style, while being of a manageable scale (that goes for price too) to fit into any room.

There is something oddly calming and conducive to meditation and wonder when observing a mobile dance, shift and sway. Calm and meditation… That's something we all need more of these days. I’ll take one for every room!


Sept 9, 2010 UPDATE: Joel Hotchkiss of Hotchkiss Mobiles just saw our article and is offering our readers FREE SHIPPING on all mobiles $145 and up. Simply enter coupon code succulent when checking out. Valid until 12/15/2010 for UPS ground service shipping. Woot!


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