CLEVER FIND: All Natural Insect Repellent by Amazon Lights

With the mild winter we have had in most of the country this year, it doesn't augur well for those of us who are not so crazy about insect life. Mosquitoes? Great way to ruin an evening.

And, we've all tried the ol' citronella candles, but only with inconsistent and poor to moderate success. And no, we wouldn't even dream of using toxic products just to products ourselves against… mosquitoes. But ha!, here's something new and natural to keep those biters away, and like me, you had probably never heard about this: Andiroba oil!

The Andiroba is a tall Amazonian rainforest tree which produces oil-rich kernels traditionally used by the Amazonian indigenous people for medicinal purposes (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-arthritic) and to repel insects (skin parasites, biting insects and intestinal worms). Niiiiice.

In our case, we want to use it to repel mosquitoes, insects and other flying and biting pests. And we can do it with the products from this company: Amazon Lights. It's interesting that the company never uses the term “insect repellent” on their website. Instead, they state that these products are “highly effective in providing peaceful patio environments” i.e., no annoying buzzing and arm flailing and slapping to chase the mosquitoes away. I'm guessing that the FDA or some other governing body is preventing them from making this claim, but if you read between the lines – or just read the description on the product listing, “Insect Repelling” is the very benefit and the reason to buy this product.

Amazon Lights blends andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme to make their natural and fragrant insect repellent garden products. And they exceed recommended volumes with a minimum of 10% essential oils in their formulations. Typical citronella candles don't work because they usually contain less than 2% essential oils (less than the recommended 5% to be effective).

Besides needing to be commended for making a great, natural product, Amazon Lights is also a supporter of Community Trade in the Brazilian Amazon which helps local companies turn renewable local forest products into ingredients and generate income for traditional and indigenous communities.

Buy Amazon Lights garden products directly from their website or on (especially fitting in this case!)


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