Clever Find: Cabidor for Extra Storage

My family and I are currently living at Taboo Resort and feel that we are having a long term vacation in the great Canadian white north (except for the working everyday and going to school part). It appears that we are the only ones that live here on a permanent basis and our townhouse clearly is not designed for anything but a vacation home.

We have moved most of possessions from our two homes into this one small space. It has been a challenge to be organized with so little storage space. The kitchen has been the hardest to organize since it has very few cupboards and drawers. We had to improvise on a pantry by using the TV armoire (It came with the place.) My husband is very good at spatial concepts and renovating spaces to fit our needs, but even he was stumped! It is impossible to add further space in such a limited kitchen and it really takes a clever find to resolve this problem.

kitchen storage problem2

Luckily, Cabidor is just that small-space storage solution! This extra shelving space works on any door. Perfect for extra space in pantry for cans and spices. It would also work well in an office, bathroom, bedroom or a linen closet to keep gift wrapping accessories organized and in one convenient spot. This quick video will show you how it works:

CabidorIt installs in a matter of minutes. The shelves are adjustable and can fit on any standard door with at least 3 1/2 inches space from a wall in order for it to open. Cabidor also has a mini-Cabidor that would work in my TV armoire/pantry. Also check out  the one specifically for jewelry.  Buy directly from Cabidor.

I love being organized!

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