Clever Find: Dirty Dog Doormat

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

I must admit, our winter here in Chicago has not been unbearable this year. I might even have been easier to manage than our coming spring season. I'm fearing rain, lots of heavy, cold rain. And soggy dogs. And doggy footprints all over the just-cleaned floor.

I have, you guessed it, a clever find to the rescue. It's called the Dirty Dog Doormat (I'm sure they mean “dirty” in a nice way).

The DDD (let's call it that for short) is made of microfiber which, as you know, is the greatest dirt catcher in existence. As the company says, it “magically soaks up water, mud and dirt”. This super-absorbent brand of microfiber soaks up to seven times its weight in water and mud. It dries super fast and you just toss it in the machine when needed.

My precious pillow lap dogs love to lay down on the DDD; it has a marvelous soft and cushy texture. I also use the DDD instead of a towel when I bathe them. Way more absorbent with less watery mess.

You can buy the Dirty Dog Doormat on Amazon for about $45 or check out this page for other online or local retailers.

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