Clever Find: Fasta Pasta

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

I almost remember attempting to cook pasta in the microwave when the microwave was first introduced to the consumer market. What year was that? 1984? Ugh. I worked at my first “real” job at GE at the time and was very proud to be among the first microwave owners. There were so many gadgets and techniques thrown at us back then to get us to cook and bake eh-verr-y-thing in the microwave. I was never successful at anything but reheating and it's been that way for the last – ouch – nearly 30 years.

That was the same for the inventor of the Fasta Pasta® who took on the challenge of properly cooking pasta – among other things – in the microwave.

Fasta Pasta SpaghettiI tried the Fasta Pasta this evening for a single portion of spaghetti and was completely satisfied that the pasta had the exact same texture (and taste) as if it had been cooked stovetop.

In my microwave, the whole thing took 11 minutes. It's as easy as Measure/Add -Water/Press (microwave) Button/Drain.The pasta cooker lid has convenient straining holes to drain the cooking water right from the cooker.

And, pasta is not the only thing you can cook in there. Think asparagus, green beans, rice… The design to the Fasta Pasta cooker seems to be ideally suited for lasagna noodles. We all know that it's the cooking part of the noodles that deters most of us from preparing a luscious lasagna (while avoiding the no-cook lasagna noodle trick). Not a problem anymore.

The Fasta Pasta is, bien sûr, BPA-free and is proudly made in the USA. Buy it here for Fasta Pasta$12.95 to avoid the Made in China copycats that are not BPA-free.

I'm getting another one of these for my son in college. Tout de suite.







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