Clever Find: Flip-It! Cap to get every last drop

Flip-It Bottle CapIt's the little things in life. The silly little things. Like getting the last bit of super-expensive shampoo or lotion out of the bottle. It's infuriating to know that perfectly good product should go to waste simply because the packaging that it came in won't let you get to that last inch.

We all have our time-consuming methods to get to those precious last ounces of lotions, soaps, sauces and other thick liquids that languish daringly at the bottom of the bottle. Shaking, pounding and even rigging the bottle in an attempt to keep it standing on its head so that the gooey liquids can finally be released. Or, you could just use the Flip-It! Cap.

The Flip-It! Cap is an adapter cap that fits most commonly available bottles. Its tripod legs allow to store bottles head down so that the contents can slide right out. Also to be noted:

  • The integrated valve cap makes it to extract the product that is now sitting near the cap, ready to be be released.
  • As a mess-prevention precaution, the valve cap is designed to have-to-be closed or the bottle falls over if the valve is not closed properly.
  • There are three different adapter & gasket sizes to fit the vast majority of bottle available on the market.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Food grade and BPA free

Flip-It! Cap on a Mustard Bottle

Flip-It Cap on mustard

Here's a classic, right? The mustard bottle. A battle every single time. This one comes with a flat cap to allow it to sit upside down in the fridge. I have found that some of these bottles leak when stored this way. And, with mustard, even when full and stored upright, you get the mustard “juice” before you get the mustard. That's always an upsetting way to make a sandwich. Get a Flip-It! on that bottle, stat! As you can see, no adapter was needed here, just the gasket for a tight fit.

Flip-It! Cap on a Shampoo BottleFlip-It Cap and shampoo

Here's a case study for bad packaging. Phyto, the expensive French haircare brand could not failed more with the packaging of this shampoo. The product was recommended by the sales associate at the beauty store. I went for it, trusting the elite brand. But, once in the shower, I realized that it was impossible to extract product from the solid metal bottle. Because, you see, you just can't squeeze a hard metal bottle!! Duh!

So, I just had to wait for the viscous shampoo to leak out in its own time. Infuriating. At least, now with the Flit-It! Cap, I can sit it upside down in the shower. Needless to say, I am never buying this shampoo again, no matter how much good it's doing my hair. Even the Flip-It attached to the bottle cannot change my goodwill for this brand and its clueless packaging.

But, I might buy my favorite body lotion again. It's the classic Midsummer's Night Cream from Trader Joe's. Bought it for years until I finally got really fed up with struggling to get the last 1/4 product out of the pump bottle. Tapping, shaking, rigging it upside down (which is really not easy with the pump cap). I would even cut the bottle open to scoop out the remaining product and transfer it to another jar. WTH?? So, I substituted products and went for the Coconut Body Butter with a wide flip top that allows access to every bit of product. I like the body butter but still vastly prefer the Midsummer's Night Cream which I will now return to thanks to Flip-It!

Here's the company's product video:

You can get Flip-It! directly on the company website or on Amazon. Different size cap kits are available.

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