Clever Find for Christmas Morning: “Open It!” Package Opener

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

That last time we complained about the excessive and impenetrable packaging on most product was four years ago, right about this time of year (the story here). All these years later and I'm afraid nothing much has improved on the packaging front. Most toys are still enclosed in fortresses of cardboard, plastic and ties.

But, at least I have found a tool to handle the job of – easily – cracking open seemingly bulletproof packages. It's called the Open It! and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. This nifty little tool was designed by women who were on a mission to eliminate the “hassle factor” in so many products that we use every day. The Open It! was invented as an antidote to the all too common Wrap Rage.

The Open It! is a multi-functional tool that is designed to open a variety of packages and wrappings. The angled blades cut through clamshells, twist ties and heavy packaging. There is a utility blade that automatically retracts to slice through thinner materials like blister packs and packing tape. It also includes a double-ended mini screwdriver (stored in the handle) to open battery and electronic compartments. Oh, and a bottle cap opener, because beer bottles are packaging too.

Here's a cute video that shows the Open It! in action:



Need one? Buy directly from the manufacturer, from Amazon or from Bed Bath & Beyond for under $10.

Yeah. You need one.



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