Clever Find for College Dorm: Door Jammer

Door Jammer, A UNIQUE, NEW AND INNOVATIVE PORTABLE DOOR SECURITY DEVICE FOR ANYONE NEEDING PRIVACY AND SECURITYWe are in back-to-school mode. In our house, it's actually back-to-college. And I have been saving this particular clever find for the occasion.

Meet the Door Jammer, a portable door security device (or, let's just call it a safety door jammer, duh!) that is used to create a better better blocking mechanism for a door.

Of course, I'm thinking of my daughter, back in college, in her first apartment in a big city. I'm hoping that she – ok, mostly me – would feel safer at night with using something like the Door Jammer.

The Door Jammer only takes seconds to install. It was cleverly designed by engineers, using horizontal and vertical forces to keep the door un-openable in its shut position.

It's useful to have on hand for extra safety, peace of mind and to prevent unwanted intrusions in dorms, hostel and hotel rooms (especially for women traveling alone).

See these two videos to get an idea of how easy it is to use and install:

Of course, if someone absolutely wants to break in, they will. But, at the minimum, the Door Jammer can serve as a deterrent if the door becomes too hard to open or, can provide extra time to call 911 or security should someone be breaking down the whole door. Because breaking down the whole door is what it would take if the Door Jammer was installed.

You can buy the Door Jammer directly on or you can find it on Amazon where it sells for about $25.

Stay safe kiddos!


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