Clever Find: Forget the Electric Mixer – Just Get a Blender Bottle

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

When I was over for dinner at my friend Jill's home, she used this great bottle called the Blender Bottle to make her salad dressing. Although it was a simple oil, vinegar, garlic, lemon juice and salt dressing, the Blender Bottle emulsified all the ingredients perfectly and made the salad dressing light and airy. Simply add all the ingredients in the bottle, drop in the wire whisk ball that comes with the bottle, and it all blends together as you shake it.

Jill's son Sean is the one who introduced the Blender Bottle to his mom as he's been living on smoothies and protein shakes since starting university. The wire whisk ball easily blends bananas, yogurt, strawberries and orange juice together to make a thick and delicious smoothie. You can also take your smoothie to-go by placing the Blender Bottle in one of their stylish Insulated Slings.

I use my Blender Bottle to make pancakes. It is so easy to mix all the ingredients and I love that I can pour it right from the bottle to the frying pan. The website also proposes other great uses (protein shakes, scrambled eggs & omelets, etc) and recipes.

The Blender Bottles come in a variety of colors and for $8.99 why not buy three (and get free shipping) or more so you have one for everyone in your family. Buy directly from Blender Bottle. Oh, and it BPA-free.


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2 Responses to Clever Find: Forget the Electric Mixer – Just Get a Blender Bottle

  1. What an interesting concept. Does it really break up bananas in smoothies?? I just use a jar for my vinegarette, and that works well too.

    • Audrey says:

      Yes Emily it does! My girlfriend’s 21 year old son makes a smoothie with a banana everyday in a Blender Bottle. I am amazed on how it works and I love how ‘fluffy’ my vinaigrettes are!

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