CLEVER FIND: Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

Today's consumer wants less ingredients. And, the ingredients we do want should be chemical-free. That is the case for food, beauty and… cleaning products. Which is what makes the Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar a perfect cleaning product for the times.

It's not that we don't already know all about or believe in the cleaning versatility and power of vinegar. We do. It's just that cleaning with it has been quite a malodorous Four Monks Cleaning Vinegaraffair. That is, until the “Four Monks” improved vinegar for cleaning purposes. Really?

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar UsesIndeed, Four Monks' has reformulated vinegar in its new all-purpose household cleaner. This vinegar has 6% acidity, which is about 20% stronger than most vinegars. It also has Aroma Control for a reduced vinegar scent. It's even offered in a citrus-mint fragrance for those who need additional vinegar-odor cover up.

Some other wholesome things to about the Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar?

  • It's food-grade vinegar, so it's non-toxic and all-natural
  • It's “Free-From” chemicals, ammonia, chlorine, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and artificial colorants among other nasty stuff.
  • It's made from corn and water
  • It's environmentally friendly
  • Even though it's more acidic than regular white vinegar, it's still gentle enough for most surfaces (though, here are some things on which you do NOT want to use vinegar)

So many uses for Four Monks' Cleaning Vinegar

The Basics:

  •  Clean the kitchen surfaces and appliances
  • Scrub fruits and vegetables
  • Wash windows, floors and bathrooms
  • Treat laundry stains & brighten laundry in general

More Creative Uses:

  • Spray on clothing or upholstered furniture to remove odors
  • Stop colors from ruining and fading in the wash
  • Remove winter salt stains from boots and car floors
  • Easily remove decals and stickers and their sticky remnants
  • Remove soap buildup & restore shine on chrome fixtures
  • Remove coffee and tea stains from cups, mugs and pots
  • Remove skunk odors on pets!
  • Follow the Four Monks' Facebook page for more uses (like the examples at left).

See this infographic for cleaning “recipes” that use vinegar. Baking soda is a frequent ally to vinegar to boost the cleaning formula.

The Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar is actually a relatively new brand. The 24 oz spray bottle is $2.47 and is only sold at Walmart Superstores at the moment (or online at It might be worth the detour.


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  1. Susan Keats Studio says:

    I will definitely give this a try. My husband hates the smell of vinegar, but I like to use it for cleaning. So I’ll order one and see what I think! Thanks Succulent Wife! You always find good stuff!

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