CLEVER FIND – Garject Self-Cleaning Garlic Press

Remember when, years ago, OXO reinvented the kitchen peeler? A stylish and much more pleasant to use object that the plain, utilitarian metal peeler of our mothers, it suddenly became the standard for good design in kitchen tools. Except for the garlic press.

I have certainly gone through an impressive number of garlic presses in my adult life, never satisfied by either their crushing or dispensing capabilities, ease-of-cleaning factor or their durability (rust??). It seemed that no company could be bothered with designing a better garlic press.

Until Dreamfarm, that is. Their Garject self-cleaning garlic press has just won the Good Design Australia (that's where the company is from) Consumer Design Award. This ain't no ol' garlic press. The Garject crushes UNpeeled (yeah!) garlic cloves, automatically scrapes off the excess crushed garlic and cleanly ejects the unusable peel. See it in action here:



Looks like someone finally thought this through. Buy on Amazon for the moment. You might soon find it at your favorite cooking supply store.


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