Clever Find: Great Plate for Great Outdoors Entertaining

The Great Plate Memorial Day is coming up. It's the official opening of the summer season and the signal to take our socializing outdoors. Picnics, backyard, beach, pool and block parties. It's all so much more fun outside.

That's where this clever find comes in. Not that it's reserved solely for the great outdoors by any means, but the Great Plate reaches its highest purpose when in the fresh air. 😉

The Great Plate is a cleverly constructed plate (resin polypropylene and BPA-free) that holds your drink and your food in one place – and plate –  so that you can balance it all easily in one hand. Useful when you are, say, at that picnic or at the beach. Now you can easily take a bite out of your food without leaving your drink precariously balanced in the sand or the uneven ground. You know that routine too well.

Besides the obvious uses mentioned above, the Great Plate also works as a chip & dip plate or as a soup and sandwich bowl-plate combo. It's great for kids snacks too. Of course, you will want to think to use it while camping, tailgating, on game night… Great Plate

The Great Plate is stackable, microwavable and dishwasher safe. Just for fun, it also floats and flies as a flying disk. Because which of your other plates does that? Multi-purpose at its best. See it in action here:


Buy the Great Plate on Amazon for $18 for a 6-pack. Available in a variety of colors.


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