Clever Find: Krazy Kloth

Krazy Kloth removes 101 things

I don't actually remember where I bought my Krazy Kloth. Probably at the Container Store? It had been sitting untouched in my cleaning cabinet for ages. I finally rediscovered it as I was cleaning out for our move (the stuff you discover and didn't know you had…) and decided it use it on two pieces of furniture that had suffered some damage over the years.

The Krazy Kloth is a 14″ x 9″ cloth that is soaked in some mysterious, ingredients-undisclosed cleaning solution. If you are wary of chemicals, stay away because we don't know what's in there. The cloth smells like old laundry that would have been soaked in turpentine or some such chemical. And it has an oily feel. Definitely not the most pleasant things. The packaging calls these “super-activated” chemicals. OK.

The Cadie website (the manufacturer) makes this claim: “Quick, easy & reusable. Hundreds of uses: removes heel & scuff marks from floors; removes stains, heat & alcohol rings, water marks and paint specks from furniture & paneling; cleans and polishes brass, copper & chrome.” Let's see…

Krazy Kloth to the test

First, I tried the cloth on a cabinet which I love but which has been damaged by sun exposure and by water.

Krazy Kloth erases water marks and sun damage
It took a lot of rubbing but as you can tell, the water marks are on their way out. I need to spend some more time to finish the whole surface. It's definitely improved but I don't think that I will be able to restore the piece completely. I would need to bring it to a professional for that.

Next, here's a beloved modern Italian side table that we thought was ruined because someone set their hot cup of coffee on it and left their permanent mark. A quick go at the white ring with the cloth and the damage was gone. The Krazy Kloth does leave behind some residue (somehow, that was not at all an issue with the cabinet above) and I had to work to get that “film” residue removed with another layer of buffing. But, indeed, the white ring is completely gone. Claim checked.

Krazy Kloth erases the white ring


I have also tried the cloth on some stubborn stains that were on the wood floor when we moved in. Some were removed and others not. I haven't tried cleaning brass, chrome, copper or rust stains with it since I couldn't find anything to experiment with at this time but I will report back when I do. All in all, for the price ($3.99 to $10) and especially since the Krazy Kloth is reusable and will probably last me forever, I think it's a good “tool” to keep in the cleaning cabinet.

You can buy the Krazy Kloth on Amazon at under $10 for the larger 14 x 9 cloth or at the Container Store for $3.99 for the 9 x 6 cloth.


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