Clever Find: Lekue Cooks Eggs with Imagination

By Audrey van Petegem, Technical Writer

If you have never heard of Lekue you're in for a treat. This company was one of the first to embrace the wide use of silicone. Silicone, an odorless, colorless substance that is found naturally in sand, quartz and rocks, has been around for decades, but it is just within the last five years that we are seeing it everywhere. And for obvious reasons.

Silicone is light, flexible and comes in a variety of bright, delicious colors. It can withstand extreme heat and cold and therefore can be used in ovens, freezers and microwaves (it's BPA-free, bien sûr). It is naturally non-stick and will not rust or stain. Plus, it lasts a long time, however when it is time to replace it, silicone is biodegradable. So, what is not to like about silicone? Seriously!

Lekue Ovo KitLekue is a Spanish company that carries a fun range of colorful ingenious products for the kitchen.

Since it is getting close to Easter, we thought we would feature their OVO products (Ovo in Spanish translates to Egg in English. Pretty clever tie-in, huh?).

You can combine your favorite ingredients to your egg in these fun-shaped egg cookers. Either use as a poacher in boiling water or straight in the microwave. You'll cook an egg in minutes and the end result makes for a great presentation Easter morning. For recipe ideas try the Spinach and Goats Cheese Egg or Broccoli and Diced Smoked Salmon Egg.

Buy directly from Lekue or on Amazon.

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