Clever Find: Mighty Mug

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

Mighty Mug in RedAlthough it is hard to get excited about an unassuming coffee mug, the Mighty Mug does appear to hold some surprises and would actually make a simple trick for a would-be magician. This 16 oz, double wall insulated mug looks similar to a travel mug, but, wait, the magic is in the bottom's suction cup that MightyMug calls Smartgrip. Here is the trick – when the mug is accidentally knocked or pushed the bottom grip pad will keep the mug from spilling over. However, if you pick it up by the handle, it easily lifts. Taa daa!!

Mighty MugSorry for ruining the magic trick but here is how it works. The Smartgrip has a hole in the bottom with a clip. When the mug is set firmly on a table the hole creates a suction and prevents the cup from being knocked over. When you lift the cup by the handle it pulls the center clip part out of the hole and releases the suction. Pure genius!

This design is brilliant for the home office or at work, where accidental spills on important documents or, aghast, on your beloved laptop can be avoided. A great product for the college student and their groggy late night study sessions.

Available in a variety of fun colors through Amazon for $16.00.



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2 Responses to Clever Find: Mighty Mug

  1. This is a wonderful solution to the soggy report problem! I have had the misfortune of spilling my morning caffeine on my reports. 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Truly a creative idea, now I do not need to worry about the cup filled with coffee and concentrate on my work without any worries of coffee spilling.

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