CLEVER FIND: QuickShine Silver Plating Spray

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

I found this product at one of the trade shows that I visited recently. Innocuous little packaging, but the product name made me do a double-take: Quickshine Pure Silver Plating Spray, it's called.

I have been going through my jewelry drawer, sadly lamenting the state of previous favorite pieces, now unworn for cause of being tarnished and silver-less beyond repair. Or so I thought.  I had been thinking that I needed something like the Quickshine plating spray, but I never knew something like this existed.

Here's how the Quickshine website describes it: “It plates worn areas of silverware, blending seamlessly onto the original plating. It removes tarnish and can be reapplied as often as you like to build layers of pure silver … Quickshine Silver Plating Spray creates a molecular bond – identical to electro-plating, so it will not chip, peel or flake. And it's suitable for use on cutlery and flatware“. You can plate brass, copper and bronze.

So I went to work on a ring that used to belong to my grandmother. I'm guessing that it's about 100 years old. It was given to me because it has her initials on it and since I was named after her, the initials are also mine. It was an INexpensive ring, given to her by her first beau. It's made out of a base metal that used to be silver plated, and there are some – remaining – marcasite accents. This gentleman-caller was certainly on a tight budget, but he was also sweet and romantic. Despite all this, he's not the one who won my grandmother's heart.

I like the story and provenance of the ring (there's not much I'm sentimental about, and this is one of those rare objects) but stopped wearing it because it just looked raggedy. There was no amount of polishing that could revive it. So I tried the Quickshine plating spray on it.

Quickshine comes in a small, basic spray bottle. Instructions say to uniformly spray the surface of the object to be plated, let stand for 45 seconds to allow the silver to transfer and then polish with a clean cloth. The solution smells very much like the basic silver polish that we used eons ago (not sure what metal smells like today since I have not polished anything in a long, long time), i.e really chemical-ly. It can't be good for you, but my thought is that I was exposed to that for just a couple minutes as I worked on the ring. See the results above. The Quickshine spray did revive the ring, it took a two rounds to get it to look like the photo on the right. The product seemed to act as a polish to clean the ring, more than it did seem to be applying silver to it. But, it DID apply silver, since there was none left on it. I'm guessing that it would have taken better had the base metal been brass or copper.

Not sure if I will go all the way and have the missing marcasite pieces replaced, but in the meanwhile, I can happily wear the ring again. Next, I will go for a (previously) silver plated tray that I love and for some vintage serving pieces.

Anyhoo, if you have any heirloom jewelry or formerly silver-plated objects you would like to revive, this is worth a try. I could only find it in the UK for £9.99 (about $15) on the website, but they ship internationally.

Let me know what you think if you give it a try.


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  1. Chris says:

    I’m thrilled to know about this – THANK YOU. Will let you know once I give it a whirl.

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