Clever Find: reCAP Mason Jars

Mason jars are just plain cool. Hipster restaurants think they have discovered them (I got served my water – again – in a Mason jar just yesterday), but Mason jars have been around since 1858. You can also call them Ball jars, fruit or canning jars. All the same thing. If it's glass and has a screw-neck and is available in two mouth sizes (regular and wide-mouth), you can call it a Mason jar.

There's a good reason for their resurgence in popularity: Mason jars are affordable and reusable. They answer our health concerns (BPA-free because they are made of glass) and our environmental concerns (reusing containers).

Thanks to reCAP, Mason jars are more versatile and multi-functional than ever. Way beyond canning, think of Mason jars for mixing, shaking, pouring, drinking and storing. And the reCAP caps are here to facilitate all the potential uses:


reCAP makes Mason Jars more versatile than ever:

reCAP pour cap reCAP Pour Cap: This is the reCAP that started it all as its inventor, Karen Rzepecki, was wondering why a pour cap for Mason jars didn't already exist. She took the matter to Kickstarter and here we are. reCAPs are BPA-free and sustainable. Think of these uses:

  • as a water bottle or beverage container (iced coffee anyone?)
  • as a mixer for salad dressing, powdered drinks
  • for storing and pouring dry goods in the food (rice, candy, flour…) and in the sundries category (toiletries, craft supplies…)
reCAP flip cap for Mason Jars ReCAP Flip Cap: Flip the lid up when you need a wider access to the jar. Think of these uses:

  • as a salad container and dressing mixer
  • as a snack food dispenser
  • for storing leftovers and homemade foods
reCAP Adapta pump cap reCAP Adapta Pump Cap: Abolish the ugly commercial containers and switch to an old school Mason jar with the pump cap. There is also an Adapta Sprayer cap. These great ways to use:

  • transfer your condiments for easy dispensing
  • transfer your lotions or use to store your DIY lotions
  • the Sprayer cap is great for DIY cleaning solutions, ironing sprays…
  • use as a mister on plants or on yourself with essential oils
reCAP Mason jar accessories reCAP Flip Cap Accessories: these little disks, used in conjunction with the reCAP flipcap turn your Mason jar into a shaker bottle. Think:

  • parmesan cheese
  • spice mixes
  • baking sprinkles
  • red pepper flakes
  • arts & crafts sprinkles

I also love that the Classico pasta sauce jars are a perfect fit for the reCAP lids. What a great way to reuse and upcycle.

reuser the Classico Jars with reCAP

You can buy reCAP Mason jar caps directly on their website or on Amazon.

PS: perfect for DIY projects and gifts. Check out the ideas suggested on this reCAP Pinterest page.


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