Clever Find: Stackable Oven-to-Table Dishes

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

The efficient kitchen is all about multifunctional cookware – meaning they can go from oven/microwave to table to fridge or freezer to dishwasher. I am all about efficiency and with a small kitchen, I love when I can use one product for different purposes. I feel that designer Christian Bjorn's Stackable Oven Dishes has taken this multifunctional concept to a whole new level.

These dishes can be stacked both inside and outside the oven. The openings on the sides allow warmth in the oven to circulate freely and thereby, to heat food in all the dishes at once. Think how handy this will be to reheat the Thanksgiving side dishes all together!

The dishes are available in three sizes. Each size fits inside another dish of the same size – but you can also mix the three sizes. Two medium sized dishes fit on top of the largest, and two of the smaller ones fit on top of the mediums, so that each dish heats separately.

The cookware is made of porcelain with heat-resistant silicone legs to help protect the table top and make them non-slip when stacked on top of each other. The silicone legs also allow a small tea light to slip under each dish to keep the food warm while serving.  Love these!

Prices range from $35.00 – $90.00 and can be purchased at adobe modern.

Cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more efficient! In case you need inspiration for the Thanksgiving dinner, here are Anne-Marie and my fool-proof Thanksgiving dinner recipes. Enjoy!


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