By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

Stick Ums How to Use2You may already be familiar with these handy little Stick-Um!, but, for me, they were an Uh-huh moment and I find them just brilliant! As the namesake states, UM! is the first sound made when you have an epiphany. And each of their products are genius solutions created to make our life a little bit more organized.

Each product uses nano-suction technology; meaning that there are millions of little suction cups that allow the products to stick to a clean, flat surface. When you touch them they feel sticky but really it is just all these little suction cups. So, instead of using glue or tape or nails to hold something in place, this product can be removed with no damage to any surface. I love my Stick-Um for my iPhone in the car!  The Stick-Um sticks to my dashboard securely and my iPhone sticks to it. Perfect for handsfree!

Um-Brands have lots of choices, from Hook-Ums! to Clamp-Ums!. Think apartments, college dorms and anywhere else that you don't want to damage to a any service.

Buy directly from Um-Brands.


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2 Responses to CLEVER FIND: Stick Um

  1. Mine arrived this week–I love the hooks and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the flat version–which of the many things I’m constantly losing belongs in the prize position! Really cool product.

    • Audrey says:

      So glad you like! I keep mine on the wall beside my cluttered desk to charge my phone on. Anne-Marie uses here in the car to make it easier to be hands free and use her GPS. The uses are endless!

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