CLEVER FIND: The 30 Second Halloween Costume with Faux Real Shirts

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

OK, so maybe not 30 seconds, but no more than 5 minutes in all if you absolutely need to accessorize. Still…

Audrey and I were in stitches when we saw these t-shirts at a recent trade show. The Faux Real Shirts use a photorealistic printing process to add oddball costume imagery to otherwise ordinary t-shirts. Take a look:

Granted, the women's versions of the shirts are all pretty sexist (obviously designed by men!). I'm surprised that the “sexy nurse” is not among the offering. But, I'm ok with it all, given that one can stay comfortably covered up while lampooning stereotypes. The biker chick is my pick for that. Accessorize with lots of heavy makeup and teased hair. Oh, and a cigarette.

The men's and kids shirts are perfect. The Nerd shirt with the high waisted jeans is confusingly realistic – in a great way. Find me a guy who has the courage to wear that and he'll have my respect forever. Some Faux Real shirts come with “sleeves” to simulate tattoos, zombie-induced injuries or the like, to add a layer of realism all the way down to your wrists.

The photorealistic costume shirts range from $25 to $32 are can be purchased directly from the Faux Real Shirts website.

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