Clever Find: the Gripstic, aka the better chip clip

gripstic chip clip and bag sealerSure they're called chip clips but what else do you use them on in your house? In our home, binder clips in all sizes are what we've been using for years. Between the pantry, the fridge and the freezer, I couldn't even count how many are out in circulation. We use them on chip bags, bien sûr, but also on pasta, rice and bean bags, coffee bags (those bendable ties don't really work), mixed salad bags, nuts and dried fruit bags, frozen food bags and on nearly all Trader Joe's bags of anything… Oh, and Skinny Pop popcorn bags. Yeah, permanent residence on those.

Chip clips and binder clips do the job. But, if you're a perfectionist and you like your popcorn fresh, the Gripstic bag sealers is what you need. It's a bag sealing stick that not only closes the bag securely but also locks out air so that potato chips, pretzels and popcorn remain crispy.

The Gripstic is a “slide and seal” stick that works in three easy movements: fold over the bag you want to seal, crease the fold and slide the stick, yellow guide going in first. To air seal the bag, push out excess air when the stick is almost through the bag and then seal. Works like a charm and really keeps the air out. These sticks definitely take up less room in the kitchen drawer than the awkward and bulky clips.

You can order these from Amazon or directly from the Gripstic website where the sticks are sold in a variety of size packs and also in heavy-duty versions for things like pet food bags.

Like? Have Gripstics already? Getting some? Let us know!


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