CLEVER FIND – Zipper Fixer

Every home needs a set of these: the FixnZip™, a replacement zipper slider to easily repair broken zippers.

How often have you discarded or stopped using garments or other products because the zipper slidder was damaged? The sleeping bag, the windbreaker jacket, the backpack… You hope can magically find the replacement zipper (in the right size, right color. Good luck.) and get it fixed at a cost lower than that of the original product. Hummm. What are your chances?

Forget all that. You can now quickly fix zippers with the FixnZip.  Without tools or needles, all you need to do is figure out the correct zipper size (here are the easy tips for that) to match it with the proper FixnZip, follow the simple instructions and your broken item is useable again.  The FiznZip will even realign missing zipper teeth.

Fixnzip repair

There are plenty of videos on the site to help with instructions on how to fix all types of zippers. It's a great way to hold on to still useful and serviceable goods without have to go out and repurchase. So, there's a little green love in this product too!

To buy, simply visit the FixnZip store.


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  1. Good! Well, a broken zipper can be such a spell breaker at some sensitive moments! So better safe than sorry! 🙂

    Did I stay enough on the topic, Audrey? Giggles :))

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