Clever Finds – Double Duty Phone Cases

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

My colleague, Chris Bradshaw, at, was the lucky one among us to attend CES this year in Las Vegas. She wrote about her favorite consumer electronic finds for baby boomers here. Fun stuff. Chris – like every other attendee, I'm sure – was overwhelmed by the amount of electronic “stuff” to be found on the near 2 million square feet of exhibit space and the ridiculous amount of smartphone cases available. She developed a real case of phone case fatigue… Still, she mentioned a few that I felt were too cool not mention here. And I added another one (not from CES) that I had bookmarked recently and thought fit well in this collection!

Indeed, it's true. A phone case is just a phone case, no matter how pretty it is. That is, until said phone case is also something else! Like these!!!

 Coyote Case Coyote Case – This case protects your smartphone AND you. The durable case is equipped with a piercing 100+ decibel panic siren to alert others for help. The Coyote Case is also coupled with an automated safety app that automatically sends an SMS text alert with your GPS location to your pre-selected emergency contacts. We love this for our college kids, our young urban women but also for our seniors.  It's only available for pre-order at the moment. You can sign up for product availability updates on this page.
 SmartSound Case SmartSound Case – This case was awarded the 2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award and is the first ever smartphone case to amplify and improve the sound of the phone’s built-in speaker without any need for an external power source. The amplifier also acts as a built-in kickstand. Unfortunately, the website tells us that this patent pending design will not be available for another year.
Waterproof Case for iPhone Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case –  Here's a completely submersible waterproof case. Rugged too but with a clear case that allows for touchscreen and photo/video use. The sealed, waterproof (up to 10 feet) case also keeps out dust, sand, grime and grease. Perfect for peace of mind when you are near the water. Great for that adventurer who can't resist the extreme environments. Priced at $79.99. You can sign up to get stock availability updates.
Wisdomaze iphone case Wisdomaze Silicon Case – Unfortunately, this case is only made for the iPhone 4 & 4S, but I like the premise of having the headphones and cord stored conveniently – and untangled – within the phone case. Buy on for about $15.00.
Flygrip FlyGrip –  Though technically not a case, I like that this little attachment offers the promise of a better grip on our phones. How many times has your phone (especially the iPhone 5) just slipped out of your hands? The FlyGrip is device agnostic. Just apply it to the back of your phone, slip two fingers into the springloaded top for a secure and comfortable grip. Now you have a free hand and a phone that won't slip away. And the FlyGrip also becomes a kickstand when needed. The FlyGrip is available here in a multitude of colors.




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2 Responses to Clever Finds – Double Duty Phone Cases

  1. Holly says:

    Wow that Coyote Case is Amazing! I can think of at least a few times in the recent past that I could have used that. I have added my email address to the pre-order list. I love gadgets but those that have a double duty as cool as this is really exciting for me. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Austin Oh says:

    Re: SmartSound Case article fact adjustment requesting
    Thank you so much for putting our product in your article.
    However, there is one things that needs to be corrected.
    On the last sentence you’ve mentioned “unfortunately, the website tells us that this patent pending design will not be available for another year.” This is incorrect. Our product will be coming out in the market around February-March of 2013, this year.
    Please change the last sentence.
    Thank you.

    Austin Oh
    Ken Oh Corporation
    facebook: smartsoundcase

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